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3 min readMar 30, 2023

Introduction of Wagon Network
We are shaking up the global supply chain game with our blockchain-based solutions. Our goal is to make things more transparent and efficient for everyone involved. The first phase of Wagon Network is DeFi. Our decentralization empowers individuals and companies to revolutionize the supply chain industry. Be part of the change with us!

By participating in the Wagon Staking Platform Testnet Event, you’ll have the chance to win a share of the💰 $100,000 WAG rewards pool. It will be distributed amongst Testnet Users. With more activities you do, more WAG airdrop you will get.

WAG $100,000 prizes will be gave for every user that active in this Testnet, utilize all the features and give us feedback. So we can create a better system for the community together.

Wagon Staking Testnet Event is calling you. This is your chance to stake and potentially win big. We’re talking serious prizes, sign up now and join the fun, we can’t wait to see you in action.

What do you need before testing the platform?
1. Metamask wallet (install here if you don’t have it already).
2. Get Goerli Ethereum Testnet
3. Bridge from Ethereum Goerli Testnet to Base Goerli Testnet

How to join the Platform Testnet? 🚀
. Join the Testnet at https://testnet.wagon.network and connect your wallet

Connect your wallet to Wagon Dapps

2. Fill in your wallet address in Wagon Faucet and claim 🎁 $100 testnet WAG every day.

Filling address wallet to claim Testnet WAG

3. Choose which project you want to stake your testnet WAG and press the “Stake” button. For now, we provide multiple pools such as Mining, FMCG, Construction, and Agriculture categories based on our real projects.

Stake, unstake, claim and withdraw your WAG token

4. Submit constructive and helpful Feedback here. We will review and give bonus rewards 🔥 $500 testnet WAG 🔥

Give feedback and get testnet WAG bonus

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or feedback on how we can enhance your experience, please don’t hesitate to share them with us. We’re committed to continuously improving, your input is a vital part of that process. Thanks for being a part of our journey — we couldn’t do it without you!

Users must be active and not using 🤖 bot accounts on social media, we will check again and not reward inactive users.

For more information about Wagon Network, visit our media links:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Instagram



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